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I've been using SVG for several years in various web instances. My language of choice is Perl, and it works well with it and JavaScript. For some additional info on what I've been doing with it visit my site:


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Amer - this is impressive! That you happened to create these SVGs by hand makes it even more so :-)

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Thank you. But it seems to be normal for me as a web programmer. I've been using Perl for decades for web development, so using SVG was another tool to learn. I had started with Illustrator to export to SVG, but their code was bloated with extraneous code. I switched to Affinity Designer for that, and was very impressed. From there it was natural to hand-code using JavaScript and Perl. I'm not a big fan of using 3rd party JS libraries - if you look at the source code for most web sites today it's almost all JavaScript calls. Hand-rolling is what I'm used to and prefer the control.

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