How do you design an icon? Even after having personally designed over 1500 icons, what still motivates you? How do you scale? Find out!
Can we simplify how we teach the two most complicated topics in computer science?
Why does it involve heroics to ship products with a great UX? What are the technical an organizational challenges involved? Cheng Lou goes deep on this…
CSS Custom Properties kick the maintainability of our JS-based animations into the stratosphere! πŸš€
How relevant is what you will learn in a formal four year program to being a very effective frontend developer. Let's dive into this.
Wishing you all a merry Christmas and...asking for your assistance in figuring out what the best non-Christmas Christmas movie is!
Top 3 highlights from my interview with Dan Hunter (DKH) - who writes some of the most informative and actionable content to help creators get their…
For various reasons ranging from compliance to performance to "not invented here", 3rd party libraries and solutions can't always be used. What can we…
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